Sam Shmith: Plate Glass - Art Collector

Sam Shmitch, Untitled (Plate Glass #1), 2013. Pigment print and baryta paper, 227.5 x 126cm. Courtesy: the artist and Arc One Gallery, Melbourne

In Plate Glass, Sam Shmith’s seven new large-scale landscapes operate as a portrait of our attempts to grasp that which we are existent within and yet secluded from. Shmith’s photographic mastery elucidates the polyvalent function of plate glass; offering transparency, perspective, protection and reflection. It is the particular function of windows to permit the interior and exterior, the inside and the outside, to be united. Yet in looking out a window, we also demarcate our own private, sheltered enclaves. Depicting expansive composite landscapes - often as they are encountered in transit - Shmith’s works take us to places unrecognizable, yet strangely familiar.

Opening: 4pm Saturday 18 May 2013
Exhibition closes: 15 June 2013
Location: Arc One Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9650 0589

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