Samuel Quinteros: The Solar Way - Art Collector

Samuel Quinteros, ‘Noontide III’, 2018, detail. Ink, acrylic and oil on linen, 91.4 x 152.4cm. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney

  Excerpt from Emma O’Neill’s exhibition essay:

Upon viewing ‘The Solar Way’ one may be overcome by an uncanny sense of emerging and becoming – a sustained mood of transcendence. In this latest suite of paintings, Samuel Quinteros succeeds in harking back to the spiritual notion of art as transmission of energy, achieving imaginary worlds that are luscious yet freewheeling, bounteous yet strange, radiating an effervescent glow. Each work is so named after a different phase of the sun’s daytime cycle, ‘Dawn’, ’Noontide’, and ‘Luminous Night’. It seems no coincidence, then, that the process from inception to completion of the suite of works has run the same course as one revolution around the sun. In the final month of the 12-month journey to creation, Galerie pompom presents ‘The Solar Way’.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Wednesday 25 July 2018
Exhibition closes: 19 August 2018
Location: Galerie pompom, 2/27-39 Abercrombie St Chippendale NSW
Phone: + 61 430 318 438


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