Sanne Mestrom wins Woollahra Small Sculpture prize - Art Collector

Sanne Mestrom, Untitled (Self Portrait, Sleeping Muse). Bronze, concrete and steel. Courtesy the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf gallery, Sydney.

Melbourne-based artist Sanné Mestrom has won the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize with her work Self Portrait, Sleeping Muse.

Mestrom’s highly conceptual work was based around the critique of ‘value’ in the ecology of the art world. The artist worked to create a de-monumentalisation of Constantin Brancusi’s own Sleeping Muse by making a cast of her head and letting her dog kick it around her garden. In this sense, Mestrom was drawing on the chaos of daily life and alluding to the strange ways that value is gained and lost in art ecologies. The battered head was then cast in bronze just as the dog had left it.

Mestrom says she will be using the prize money of $20,000 to fund upcoming projects. The work will be part of the Woollahra council’s permanent public collection and on show at the Woollahra Council Chambers in Double Bay, Sydney until 5 November 2017.

Clem Macleod

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