Sarah Ugibari: Ujawé Mamu (Mother of Initiation Rites) - Art Collector

Sarah Ugibari, Tamajai ohu’o deb’é (Ancestral tattoo design of the necklace with pandanus fibre string) 2014, Natural pigments on barkcloth, 156 × 100 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Bowen Hills

Hailing from Oro Province in Papua New Guinea, ninety-seven year old Sarah Ugibari is the oldest living Ömie person and one of the few remaining master painters of ancient sor’e (tattoo) designs. The multiplicity of Sarah’s painted barkcloths affirms her place as the ‘Mother’ of Ujawé wisdom among the Ömie and Managalasi tribes. Sarah’s eyesight began to deteriorate in mid-2015 and she no longer produces barkcloth herself. By passing these skills and knowledge on to her daughter Ilma, Sarah has ensured that her noble legacy will continue.

Exhibition opens: 6pm-8pm, 19 August 2016
Location: Andrew Baker Art Dealer, 26 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills
Contact: 07 3252 2292
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