Scott Wilmot Bennett: Signs and Wonders/ Emotion Blur - Art Collector

Scott Wilmot Bennett, Ross skying - E Pluribus Unum, Lambda print in LED light box. Courtesy: the artist and Brave Art Gallery, Longford

Signs and Wonders is a synthesis of cross media influences from art-historical and contemporary culture. Seemingly disparate, all the works explore landscape, through the common themes of sky and light.

Emotion Blur series, straddles the line between literal and illusory space between reductive pattern and stylised landscape. "In a surprisingly serendipitous way, images derived from my photographs of the Ross sky at night connected me to the seascapes of my youth. This poetic association, moves them for me, away from the self-referential and abstract, towards the representational and romantic."

Exhibition opens: 6pm Saturday 5 April 2014
Exhibition closes: 27 April 2014
Location: BRAVE Art Gallery, GALLERY A, 61 Wellington Street, Longford TAS 7301
Contact: 03 6397 0000

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