Senior Artist Mr. Timms Passes away - Art Collector

Mr Timms, Hans Yard, 2005, natural pigments on linen, 150cm x 180cm. Image courtesy of the artist's estate and Jirrawun Arts/Warmun Art Centre.

Warmun Arts Centre grieves the loss of a senior Gija artist, Mr Timms who passed away on Saturday 25 February, 2017.

The highly esteemed painter was an outspoken advocate for Aboriginal rights. Through his artwork he uncovered past injustices experience by the Indigenous community, particularly the Gija people of East Kimberley.

Born in 1946, Mr. Timms took the Gija name of his birthplace, Ngarrmaliny, and eventually went on to become one of The Kimberley region’s strongest cultural leaders and most esteemed artists. His work is held in major Australian collections and has been exhibited overseas in Germany, japan, France, and New Zealand.

Among the artist's most notable achievements was his inclusion in the 2002 collective exhibition 'Blood on the Spinifex’ during his time with Jirrawun Arts. The exhibition unveiled previously untold histories of frontier massacres in the Kimberley region of Western Australia through extraordinary paintings and scholarly writing.

According to Frances Kofod, “Timms painted in a style reminiscent of Thomas but recognisably his own, with expanses of open plains lined with white dots. Many of his artworks are like aerial maps of the bones of the country where he lived and worked all his life."

Emma O'Neill

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