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Shigeyuki Kihara, Galu Afi: Waves of Fire, 2012, silent performance DVD, 4 min 49 sec. Courtesy: the artist

11 September 2012 | New Zealand’s Wallace Art Awards, worth $165,000 in total, were announced last week, with Shigeyuki Kihara taking out the main prize.

As part of the Paramount Award, Kihara wins a six-month residency with New York’s well regarded International Studio and Curatorial Program.

Kihara was selected for a video work titled
Galu Afi: Waves of Fire. The video features Kihara, costumed as a Samoan woman in Victorian mourning dress, dancing in a way that references both the ancient Samoan dance style of taualuga and the movements of the 2009 tsunami. The disaster claimed the lives of 189 people in American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga.

The other winners were Steve Carr, John Brown, Kate Theunissen, Karin Hofko , Tessa Laird and Erica van Zon.

Jane O'Sullivan

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