Simon Gardam: Loop Changes, Loop Begins - Art Collector

Simon Gardam, The Gaps, 2017. Oil and pastel on canvas, 61 x 51cm. Courtesy of The Artist and Gallery 9, Sydney.

Made from a strictly improvised basis, the paintings of Simon Gardam present themselves as intersecting oscillations of colour, form, rhythm and texture. Gardam maintains a completely open painting process, allowing the material qualities of paint to transform the image as it develops.

This transformation is at times achieved by the cutting up and subsequent re-assemblage of paintings by stitching them back together. This action brings into question the role of wholeness within abstract space, as well as inviting unexpected and at times awkward visual relationships.

Exhibition Opens: 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 24 January 2018
Exhibition Closes:17 February 2017
Location: GALLERY 9, 9 Darley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.
Contact: +61 2 9380 9909
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