Solo Exhibition: Emily Karaka - Art Collector

Emily Karaka, Talking Heads Manawhenua Seat III

Emily Karaka is an expressionist style painter who has exhibited regularly since 1980. Her work is characterised by vibrant colour and heavily applied paint, and is guided by her whakapapa [genealogical links], and humanitarian and environmental issues, notably the Treaty of Waitangi. Recently Karaka's paintings have become less overt in her political message and more optimistic, reflecting the vitality of Maori contemporary society. While the work still deals with issues such as loss of language, disempowerment and land loss, the outlook is more confident and the approach more considered, with a focus on reviving and maintaining matauranga Maori [Maori knowledge systems].

Exhibition closes: 5-7pm Tuesday 3 July
Location: Orexart, Upper Khartoum Place, Auckland CBD
Contact: +649 379 0588

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