Solo Exhibition: Pam Walpole - Art Collector

Pam Walpole, Devil's Marbles and sketchbook

The expanse of the Coral Coast to the rich iron-laden inland deserts inspired me to portray panoramas in strong colours. The mining area of Coober Pedy and delicate lines of scaffolds and rusty paraphernalia are a delight to draw, and a contrast to the dominating rock of King’s Canyon, whereas the lagoons and flooded waterways of the lowlands present a softer palette.

The strength of the Devil’s marbles receives a different treatment. Huge in form they asked to be represented with strong ink brushstrokes. Bold and simple.

Opening: 11-1pm Sunday 27 May
Exhibition closes: 10 June 2012
Location: Lasting Impressions Gallery, 6 Elizabeth St Kenilworth
Contact: 07 5446 0422

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