Solo Exhibition: Yessie Mosby - Art Collector

Yessie Mosby, Warfare Dhoeri, 2012. Rainbow pigeon feathers, sea hawk feathers, white turkey feathers, crocodile tooth, wada seed, pipi shells, bamboo, twine, grass fibres, beeswax, natural ochres and mangrove dye. 63 x 48 x 15cm

Born on Yorke Island (formerly known as Masig Island) in the Torres Strait, Mosby learnt the art of making traditional headdresses or Dhoeris from his great grand uncle. Intricately crafted, each Dhoeri is made from local, organic materials including pigeon feathers, native seeds and plants as well as natural ochres. White feathers are delicately shaped in ornate patterns that fan out from a central construction made from bird skulls, colourful seeds and exotic feathers. The central adornment acknowledges the identity and unity of the Torres Strait Islander culture and is symbolic of Mosby’s unique heritage.

Yessie Mosby’s Dhoeris are held in major public and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Opening: 6-8pm Thursday 31 May
Exhibition closes: 24 June 2012
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary , 15 Hampden Street, Paddington 2021
Contact: 02 9331 7997

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