Solo exhibition: Alba Cinquini - Art Collector

Alba Cinquini, In Studio III, detail. Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 84cm

As ArtInvesta launches its online art market this month, they have great pleasure showcasing the talent of inaugural artist, Alba Cinquini. Alba’s art is bold, bright and breathtaking. Her strong use of colour and pattern reflects the ethereal nature of her work. ArtInvesta offers emerging artists an online commission free way to sell. Investors are looked after too with a flat low commission, reselling facility and access to information that buyers need. The public aren’t forgotten either and can browse, download free screensavers and navigate much of the site without the need to register. It’s a positive experience for everyone.

Opening drinks: 3-6pm Saturday 31 March
Exhibition closes: 14 April 2012
Location: Artinvesta In-house Gallery, 63 Lanchester Way, Stirling, WA, 6021
Contact: 08 9319 9027

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