Sonia Payes: Luminous Interlude - Art Collector

Sonia Payes, Ice Scape Series #4, 2011, flex paper, dibond backing, face mounted to acrylic in three panels. Courtesy: the artist and Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane

Sonia Payes' imagery is both commanding and elusive. Playing with the innate ability of photography to weave sublime mysteries from the obscure and the known, beauty and fear is mixed together in an intoxicating brew.

These works move through the elements of ice, earth and air, encompassing the gigantic and the microcosmic within the same ambiguous plane. They play with the theatre that photography can conjure - a cold soft cloud embraces a mountaintop high above us or maybe cool mists drift in the vast depths below.

Opening: 5pm Saturday 23 February 2013
Exhibition closes: 24 March 2013
Location: Queensland Centre for Photography, Gallery 1, 32 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Contact: 07 3844 1101

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