Sophie Brown Conservation Framing - Art Collector

Sophie Brown and Jonathan Dennis in house.

In business for more than a decade, Sophie Brown Conservation Framing provides professional conservation framing services for a wide range of artworks that include works on paper, photographs of all types, paintings and artefacts – from precious everyday items to fragile bark paintings and objects.

The service is personal and attentive, concerned first and foremost with the successful protection and display of the works involved within the given budget. Sophie Brown and Jonathan Dennis (both Guild Commended Framers accredited from the Fine Art Trade Guild in London) bring a deep fund of design and technical expertise, coupled with attested craftsmanship, to bear on their recommendations. Their understanding of materials, their skills in specialised techniques (from French matting to gilding and archival hinging), their technical know-how in matters of glazing and their access to mouldings of outstanding quality enable them to craft unique presentation solutions attuned to the spirit of the work, its longevity and its aesthetic display.

The studio serves clients Australia-wide, from well-known institutions (museums, galleries) and corporations to private collectors and individuals keen to display a prized possession or personal treasure to best advantage within the limits of their purse.

Sophie Brown Conservation Framing works collaboratively with a network of art conservators. This provides a complete service covering the full range of requirements from assessments and recommendations for conservation treatment, as well as consultations on care and display of significant works and collections.

Whether displayed in the home or as part of exhibitions, Sophie Brown Conservation Framing structures and manages complete care, maintenance and display programmes in private and public settings.

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  • Preservation framing
  • Artwork conservation
  • Frame Restoration
  • In-house and on-site consultations
  • Collection care, assessments and maintenance programmes
  • Photographic copy work and digitization
  • Hanging and installation

Sophie Brown Conservation Framing
103 Percival Road
Stanmore NSW 2048

Phone: 02 9518 0624
Opening hours: By appointment Monday to Friday, 9am til 4.30pm.