Spinifex Arts Project - Art Collector

Carlene West, Tjitjiti. Acrylic on linen 200 x 137cm. Courtesy: the artist and Spinifex Arts Project, Western Australia

Spinifex Arts Project has been operating for 17 years facilitating painting workshops for the remote-community Aboriginal artists of Tjuntjuntjara in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia. The project began as part of the native title process and has continued to focus on works of cultural integrity of which the Spinifex artists are renowned.

The centre is famous for museum quality works of passion and cultural integrity, visually documenting the connection to this desert country, to the Tjukurpa and to family. The collaborative paintings emit remarkable power and have a beauty and rawness unique to Spinifex painters. These paintings have become signature pieces of the Spinifex Arts Project.

Successful exhibitions have promoted the artwork of the Spinifex people to national and international audiences, recently culminating in an exhibition
Indigenous Australia Enduring Civilisation at the British Museum in London.

Two Spinifex artists, Simon Hogan and Carlene West, have been selected to participate in the prestigious Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards this year.

Spinifex Arts Project recently transitioned from a project-based activity to an incorporated art centre which is owned and governed by the Spinifex artists. To further develop Spinifex Arts Project, the first stage of a purpose built operational facility has begun.

Spinifex Elder and Director Lennard Walker says: “The Spinifex Arts Project truly belongs to us. Painting helped us get our land back. It’s good work for keeping our culture strong, our people healthy and earning some money. All of us must grow the art centre up to be strong so the young people can learn from us and keep our Tjukurpa (stories) going.“

Current artists

  • Simon Hogan
  • Roy Underwood
  • Ned Grant
  • Fred Grant
  • Ian Rictor
  • Lawrence Pennington
  • Yarangka Thomas
  • Myrtle Pennington
  • Estelle Hogan
  • Lois Pennington
  • Ngalpingka Simms
  • Kathleen Donnegan
  • Byron Brooks
  • Tjaruwa Woods
  • Carlene West
  • Veronica Brown
  • Lennard Walker
  • Roy Underwood
  • Winmati Roberts
  • Bruce Hogan
  • Debbie Hansen
  • Lorraine Davies
  • Patju Presley

Commercial gallery partners

  • Aboriginal and Pacific Arts, Sydney
  • Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
  • Short St Gallery, Broome
  • Outstation Gallery, Darwin
  • Japingka Gallery, Fremantle
  • Raft Artspace, Alice Springs
  • Tunbridge Gallery, Margaret River
  • ArtKelch, Germany
  • Red Dot Gallery, Singapore
  • Aboriginal Signature - Estrangin Fine Art, Belgium

Spinifex Arts Project
Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia
PMB 88
Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Email: studio@spinifexartsproject.org.au
Mobile: 0429 227 503