Stephen Lees: Ether and Earth - Art Collector

Stephen Lees, ‘Empire Day’, 2018. Oil on linen, 84 x 102cm. Courtesy the artist and Colville Gallery, Hobart.

From the traditions of J.M.W.Turner and the Impressionists, Lees brings a contemporary vitality to interpretations of landscapes, the ether and terra firma.

Lees explores coast and mountain vistas with a composition that floats between foreground and somewhere beyond. The often square format shifts the focus from a horizontal reading to the colour and mood of mists and ether that blur ground, sea and sky. Tinted glazes and resonance of thin oil layered create and enhance hues that shift with differing light.

His landscapes are balanced and poised as you expect of a still life, yet his still life works, are however playful and bring a quiet unexpected humour.

Stephen Lees trained at the National Art School Sydney, was Winner of the Glover Prize 2005 and Highly Commended Finalist of the Brett Whiteley Award 1976 1979. He has achieved various other awards with his work further celebrated in numerous private and public collections.

Exhibition opens: 5.30–7.30pm Friday 12 October 2018
Exhibition closes: 31 October 2018
Location: Colville Gallery, 91 Salamanca Pl, Hobart TAS
Phone: + 61 3 6224 4088


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