Stuart Elliott: Facility 2 - Beacon - Art Collector

Stuart Elliot, Conservatorium (detail from installation), 2013, 135 x120 x 78cm. Courtesy: the artist and Turner Galleries, Perth

Facility 2 - Beacon evolved from Stuart Elliott’s exhibition The Facility, first shown at the 2012 Melbourne Art Fair. The series began as a building glimpsed whilst driving. It lingered in Elliott’s memory so he travelled back to view the site once again. The building was gone. He tried to recreate it in models and paintings, to remember its form and guess its purpose. Facility 2 - Beacon continues his investigations. The function of the facility remains ambiguous. Succulent plant forms occupy some of the buildings and grounds with a mysterious presence - are they the result of man’s interference genetic engineering? Are they sentient?

Opening: 6pm Friday 19 April 2013
Exhibition closes: 18 May 2013
Location: Turner Galleries, 470 William Street, Northbridge WA 6003
Contact: 08 9277 1077

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