Tania Glanville: Closer - Art Collector

Tania Glanville, Pipers River Road, 2013. Acrylic on canvas, 66 x 66cm. Courtesy: the artist and Brave Art Gallery, Tasmania

Closer takes the familiar environment and transcribes it through Tania Glanville's interpretation of pioneering forensic scientist Edmund Locard’s exchange principle. Having moved through a landscape, we leave a mark and it in turn, marks us. There is an exchange.

Glanville seeks to create uneasiness and ambiguity in her imagery, inviting the viewer to look further than the surface, in order to leave their own narrative behind. Look again and you may view each work through a different lens.

Exhibition opens: 3pm Sunday 10 November 2013
Exhibition closes: 24 November 2013
Location: Brave Art Gallery, 61 Wellington Street, Longford TAS 7301
Contact: 03 6397 0000
Email: events@braveartgallery.com.au

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