Terry Stringer: That Certain Smile - Art Collector

Terry Stringer, Hand Caressing Woman's Head, 2016, cast bronze, 145.7 x 40 x 42cm. Courtesy of the artist and Milford Galleries

Terry Stringer presents the familiar in a manner that gives the viewer pause, one form shifts into another and illusory shapes appear and disappear. For decades Stringer has explored the transformation of abstract ideas into concrete forms, how the figure can occupy space, and the ways in which still forms express movement. His sculptures require the viewer to interact physically with them in order to experience them fully and the eye’s focus shifts and slides over the forms as they elide into one another.

Exhibition Opens: 5pm-7pm, Friday 8 September 2017
Exhibition Closes: 4 October 2017
Location: Milford Galleries Dunedin, 18 Dowling Street, Dunedin, New Zealand 9012
Website: www.milfordgalleries.co.nz
Contact: +64 3 477 8275
Email: info@milfordhouse.co.nz
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