Terry Taylor: The Hit List - Art Collector

Terry Taylor, Napoleon Bonaparte. Oil on linen, 22 x 19cm

The Hit List features forty miniature paintings each measuring 19 x 22 cm depicting infamous men and women throughout history who have epitomised humans as a race; unruly, corrupt and demonic, riddled with greed and possession as an instinctive nature. Those who have abused the human rights of millions of innocent lives with their murderous and torturous schemes are to be remembered as monsters with their obscenities, decorated for all to make judgement. The Hit List will continue to grow as I randomly select more and more evil people from today and the past.

Opening: 1-3pm Saturday 9 June
Exhibition closes: 30 June 2012
Location: Scott Livesey Galleries,909a High Street, Armadale 3143
Contact: 03 9824 7770
Email: info@scottliveseygalleries.com

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