The Lowenstein Collection Auctioned - Art Collector

Charles Blackman, Women Lovers, circa 1980, Oil on paper on board, 72.5 x 96.5cm. Courtesy the artist and Mossgreen, Melbourne.

The Lowenstein Collection of Modern and Contemporary Australian Art will be offered for auction at Mossgreen in Melbourne on Tuesday 7 March 2017.

Art collectors Tom and Sylvia Lowenstein will be presenting over 250 works for auction. Their extensive collection includes artworks by John Olsen, Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, Margaret Olley, Garry Shead and Ben Quilty to name a few.

Mossgreen CEO, Paul Sumner said, ‘‘The Lowenstein Collection is a remarkable and personal collection, overflowing with stories of the artists’ connections to Tom and Sylvia.”

Sylvia Lowenstein
reflected, "It's always a little sad to see favourite works go but you can't keep holding onto all of them. Eventually you'll have to make room for new works, for younger artists and the walls get very full, you have to make room to renew your collection and that's what I think Tom and I are going to do."

Emma O'Neill

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