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10 July 2013 | The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is currently draped in a giant six story artwork that will evolve over the next three months.

The east-facing façade of the MCA has just begun cleaning and preservation works, and the scaffolding wrap is, appropriately, a dynamic canvas. New Zealand born photographer and installation artist Mike Hewson and Sydney born conceptual artist Agatha Gothe-Snape have been jointly commissioned to transform the covering into a work that will evolve with the five stages of the building's cleaning.

Utilising the uneven exterior of the museum, the work will use dimensional perspective and wordplay to create an artwork that will change in appearance and meaning as scaffolding is assembled and deconstructed. Underneath this huge work of art, the MCA will continue to exhibit as normal, with Jeff Wall and Wangechi Mutu exhibitions currently on display.

Alexandra Djurichkovic

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