Tim Summerton: Art Month - Art Collector

Tim Summerton, Floating Forest. Oil on linen, 122 x 107cm

Tim Summerton has been drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape for over a decade in his soulful abstract paintings. Working with a wet-on-wet oil application process, he manipulates the slow drying effect of the medium to great effect in his layered canvasses. By working with combinations of saturated bright tones and more gentle hues Summerton allows form to emerge as a luminous force from the depths of his complex surfaces.

He contemplates the pristine tangle of the abundant strangling vines that inhabit and consume the tall trees occupying the steep hillside of his home in Kangaroo Valley. Working from the memory of his frequent visits, Summerton conjures undulating looping lines with rubber blades in a continual process of addition and subtraction that simultaneously portray the rhythmical vegetation and ghosts, or trace marks, of recollection.

Tim Summerton completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Newcastle, Sydney in 1998 and an Honours degree in Fine Art from the University of New South
Wales in 2000. He was the 2009 runner up for the prestigious Kings School Art Prize. His work is included in the Macquarie Bank’s corporate collection and in numerous private collections in Australia, the US, Britain and Asia. Recently, having his first solo show in Asia, Summerton is also now becoming well known in the international contemporary art scene.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Wednesday 14 March
Exhibition closes: 1 April 2012
Location: Tim Olsen Gallery, 463 Jersey Road, Woollhara
Contact: 02 9327 3922
Email: info@timolsengallery.com

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