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Courtesy: Tjala Arts, Northern Territory.

Tjala Arts is located in Amata community in the far north west of South Australia. It is an Aboriginal owned and managed corporation, selling artwork on behalf of its members. Tjala Artists embrace a variety of media including acrylic paint on linen, punu (wood work), tjanpi (fibre weaving), and more recently new media arts, with artists experiencing immediate success engaging in photography and sound work.

Established in 1999, Tjala Arts has launched the careers of several key senior artists including Wawiriya Burton, Ruby Williamson, Tjungkara Ken, Ray Ken and Hector Burton. With newcomers like Barbara Moore and Rhonda Dick, the art centre proves itself to be one with an enormous depth of talent. Works by Tjala artists have been sought after by many high profile private collections in Australia and abroad, as well as public Institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Tjala Arts is known for its diverse range of styles, energetic mark making and rich colorful palate. It also maintains a reputation for artistic excellence and innovative projects. As part of the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, the Senior Men exhibited
Kulata Tjuta (Many Spears); an installation work of enormous beauty as well as cultural importance. A larger scale installation comprising over 1000 kulata will be exhibited in this year’s Festival of Contemporary ATSI Arts. This year also sees Tjala Arts release its book Nganampa Kampatjanka Unngutja (Beneath the Canvas), which details the extraordinary lives and stories of the Tjala Artists.

The art centre celebrates cultural practice and promotes and supports the highest level of ethical practice in the sale of Indigenous art. Tjala Arts enables economic independence for the artists. Through strong governance, the centre has created widespread financial gain for families in the community and surrounding homelands.

Current artists

  • Hector Burton
  • Ray Ken
  • Mick Wikilyiri
  • Willy Kaika Burton
  • Ronnie Douglas
  • Stanely Windy
  • Robert Burton
  • Wawiriya Burton
  • Katanari Tjilya
  • Mary Pan
  • Iluwanti Ken
  • Nyurpaya Kaika
  • Maureen Douglas
  • Nyumiti Burton
  • Jennifer Burton
  • Alison Riley
  • Tjungkara Ken
  • Tingila (Yaritji) Young
  • Sylvia Ken
  • Anastine Ken
  • Rini Tiger
  • Kukika Tiger
  • Sandra Ken
  • Maringka Tunkin
  • Freda Brady
  • Marissa Munti
  • Sharon Ken
  • Sharon Adamson
  • Anita Pan
  • Mildred Robinson
  • Rhonda Dick

Commercial gallery partners

  • Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
  • Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
  • OutStation Gallery, Darwin
  • ReDot Galley, Singapore
  • Short Street Gallery, Broome
  • Marshall Arts, Adelaide

Access information

Visitors are welcome but will require a permit to enter the APY Lands.

Tjala Arts
Amata Community APY Lands SA
PMB 261
Alice Springs NT 0872

Phone: 08 8956 2899
Fax: 08 8956 7090
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