Tjutjuna (Ceduna) Arts and Culture Centre - Art Collector

Peter Bertani, Wanampi Tjurkupa. Courtesy: the artist and Tjutjuna (Ceduna) Arts and Culture Centre, South Australia

Indigenous owned Tjutjuna (Ceduna) Arts and Culture was established in 2001 as an initiative of the Tjutjuna Worka Tjuta (now Ceduna Aboriginal Cooperation).

The centre provides workshops and support artists from the remote Far West Region communities such as Oak Valley, Yalata, Scotdesco and Koonibba, giving support to approximately 70 people within the region. Translated, the name Tjutjuna (Ceduna) means to sit down and rest.

The centre represents a diverse range of artwork from urban and traditional artists and is renowned for the diversity of artwork produced that depicts the vast changing environment from the desert to the sea.

There are a combination of languages spoken within the region, in particular Kookatha, Wirangu, Pitjantjatjara and Mirning. Tjutjuna also has a dedicated language centre to revive the endangered languages of the region.

The art centre also provides programs to schools within the region, which is important for transfer and retention of cultural knowledge between the elders and youth. Tjutjuna artists are very active within the Ceduna community, with their expertise used in many community art projects with in the Region.

Current artists

  • Pungkai
  • Beaver Lennon
  • Collette Gray
  • Joylene Haynes
  • Elma Lawrie
  • Josephine Lennon
  • Natalie Austin
  • Glenda Ken
  • Mellissa Windlass
  • Cynthia Charra
  • Janet Queama
  • Joy West
  • Margaret May
  • Glenda Hansen
  • Anne Baird
  • Vanessa Queama
  • Warren Paul

Access information

Tjutjuna Art is situated on the Eyre Highway, the main road going towards Western Australia or Adelaide. The centre is open 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. No permit required when visiting.

Online shop

You can view & purchase a range of products through the website.

Tjutjuna (Ceduna) Arts and Culture Centre
2 Eyre Highway
Ceduna SA 5690

08 8625 2487