Tomislav Nikolic: Here - Art Collector

Tomislav Nikolic. The awaiting conception of reality, (4,5,6,7), 2016 Photo credit: Robert Colvin. Courtesy: the artist and Jensen Gallery.

Tomislav Nikolic’s new paintings demonstrate just how firmly he is in command of the chromatic lexicon he has developed. His approach is considered and celebratory - he is acutely aware of colours' capacity to exist as a body in and of itself and to carry deep emotional resonance. His nuanced adjustments of tone and depth have become increasingly fine as he patiently builds fields that offer an immersive experience that slow sensation and time, letting us feel colour as if it were a skin.

Opening: 6-8pm, Friday 21 October 2016
Exhibition closes: 20 November 2016
Location: Corner Cecil Lane & Hampden Street, Paddington
Contact: 02 8084 4298
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