Tracy Dods: Seaside Reflections - Art Collector

Caption for the image: Tracy Dods, Hot Pink, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 137 x 107cm. Courtesy: the artist

Australian beaches reflect joy, hedonism, fun and of course the sun. Beneath this shimmering surface lies much more: confessor, critic, soul-mate, and stranger. The beach, the expansive ocean and the motion of the waves begs the question – is it friend or foe?

Much of Dods’ work depicts the lushness of the human form alongside the exciting colours of Australia’s beaches. Dods says “the sea has such a strong calling for me in that it can be a frightening thing, vast, unknown and destructive. Yet, conversely, it can be a meditative thing with its constant motion, its horizon, while its expansiveness stimulates the senses. I feel that it has a big role in the Australian psyche.”

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Thursday 2 October 2014
Exhibition closes: 26 October 2014
Location: South Yarra Art House, 6 Almeida Crescent, South Yarra, Melbourne VIC

Contact: 03 98273771

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