Tricky Walsh: Star-stuff - Art Collector

Tricky Walsh, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, 2014. Gouache on paper, 120 x 80cm. Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor
  “I can, with all certainty tell you that about eighteen months ago I started developing ideas for this show. I knew that I wanted to make works which examined the electromagnetic spectrum in a few different ways, and I knew that I wanted to do this because for the last number of years I have been playing around with a seemingly disparate grouping of ideas and technologies which are loosely collated into that subject matter. This exhibition star-stuff is about waves: Waves and frequencies, light and sound, communication in its many and varied forms.”
- Tricky Walsh

Opens: Thursday 27 November 2014
Exhibition closes: 20 December 2014
Location: MARS Gallery, 7 James Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Contact: 03 9521 7517

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