Tristian Koenig splits from Neon Parc - Art Collector

Karen Black, Never reaching the destination. Courtesy: the artist and Tristian Koenig Gallery

17 January 2011 | After leaving Neon Parc, gallerist Tristian Koenig has debuted his new eponymously named venture at Art Stage Singapore.

Koenig and Neon Parc co-director Geoff Newton went their separate ways late last year. "It’s obvious that after five years there would be changes of some kind," explains Koenig. "Neon Parc has been inordinately successful … Being busy is great, but unfortunately it doesn’t really leave a lot of time for reflection. Last year I got to a point where I just felt that I had gone as far as I could go with the way things were working at Neon Parc at the time and that I basically needed a change in my working environment and processes. Additionally, I guess both Geoff and I have both moved on from where we were personally five years ago."

Koenig's new gallery is expected to open in South Yarra in Melbourne in February. He will represent Christopher Hanrahan,
Matthew Shannon and Brisbane painter Karen Black.

"I’m not in any particular rush to open with a large stable of artists, but rather I’m wanting to work with a small and manageable number, get the program up and running and see how things go from there," he says.

The program will be a mix of represented artists, curated exhibitions and art fairs, as well as collaborations with other dealers, non-profits and unrepresented artists. The focus will be on art from Australia and New Zealand, however Koenig also hopes to work with international artists on a regular basis, the first of whom will be John Kleckner, a Berlin-based American artist.

It's been an encouraging start for Koenig. "Art Stage Singapore has been really successful for the gallery and artists," he says. "Karen Black had exceedingly strong pre-sales, as well as a fantastic reception at the fair. Galleries in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei are very interested in exhibiting the work, which is wonderful feedback." He also reports Christopher Hanrahan attracted the eye of a Berlin-based dealer visiting the fair.

Jane O'Sullivan

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