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31 October 2011 | Vincent Fantauzzo has collaborated with filmmaker Baz Luhrmann on a multimedia project in Melbourne.

The Creek 1977
is an installation that blurs the boundaries between art and film by using narrative painting, sound and lighting.

Working firstly from storyboards and collaging, Fantauzzo and Luhrmann cast actors to block a scene for a photo shoot, which Fantauzzo then painted.

The characters in the scene are taken from Luhrmann’s childhood, which was spent on a farm and petrol station in northern New South Wales.

“Creatively our interests overlap,” says Fantauzzo of the partnership, “in that I have a strong leaning towards film, photography and the cinematic image, and Baz towards historic paintings. My paintings are heightened storytelling in a still image and Baz’s films have that same emotion.”

The work is on show at the Sofitel Melbourne from 1 to 25 November 2011.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Vincent Fantauzzo & Baz Luhrmann, The Creek 1977. Courtesy: the artists

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