Visesio Siasau: 'Uli 'i he 'Uli - Black on Black - Art Collector

Visesio Siasau,‘Uli ‘i he ‘Uli - Black On Black 6, 2017. Oil & acrylic on canvas, 200 x 200cm. Courtesy of the artist and OREX Gallery.

Visesio Siasau's recent works are geometric, minimalist, black on black paintings that aim to trigger simultaneous connections between the mind, matter, and heart. Their inky blackness alludes to ancient systems and interpretations of creativity. The "void" is a place of mystery, where time and human connections are meaningless, where everything, including man and his fragment of invented time, is part of all else. Siasau’s use of an abstract image focuses the viewer’s attention on the painting’s surface. A pattern fills the canvas, emphasising its flatness, but the result does not deny an illusion of depth. Siasau recently won The Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award (2015), including a trip to New York and a 6 month residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program.

Exhibition opens: 5pm-7pm, Thursday 8 June 2017
Exhibition closes: 1 July 2017
Location: OREX Gallery, Level 1/15 Putiki Street, Arch Hill, Auckland.
Contact: +64 9 378 0588
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