Waldermar Kolbusz: Solo exhibition - Art Collector

Waldemar Kolbusz, Handle, 2014. Oil on linen, 153 x 153cm. Courtesy: the artist and Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Looking at the work of Waldemar Kolbusz one can sense that here, the act of painting engenders pictorial discovery. Process becomes adventure as in the spirit of abstract expressionism, he abandons ties to painterly conventions and sets out to find his own path and generate an individual visual language. Yet exactly what Kolbusz seeks to communicate is not pre-determined. It relies as much on the viewers’ internalised reaction to it as what the artist puts down on the canvas, and this reflexivity is central to its appeal.

Exhibition opens: 1pm Saturday 5 April 2014
Exhibition closes: 19 April 2014
Location: Flinders Lane Gallery, 137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9654 3332
Email: info@flg.com.au

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