Waratah Lahy: Everyday - Art Collector

Waratah Lahy, Pink Studio, 2017. Watercolour and gouache on aquaboard, 13 x 13cm. Courtesy of the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney.

"Everyday is a body of work that looks at the often unnoticed and unmarked moments of everyday life. In particular, the works focus on my immediate environment: my home, my garden, my suburb, my workplace.

"With this body of work I continue to explore the enduring themes of my practice, namely, the ways in which we perceive the world, and how prosaic everyday moments reveal unexpected narratives and instances of revelation. Underpinning these themes is an ongoing fascination with the materiality of paint, with surface and also with the scale of the painted object and how these elements have the ability to affect the perception of the depicted subject.

"More recently I focused on the rhythms, colours and textures of things I see everyday. I have become enamoured with rediscovering objects and places that had become invisible through familiarity.

- Waratah Lahy

Exhibition opens: 3pm-5pm, Saturday 20 May 2017
Exhibition closes: 10 June 2017
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
Contact: +61 2 9318 1122
Email: info@mayspace.com.au

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