Waringarri Aboriginal Arts - Art Collector

White aluminium cast boab nut sculptures. Courtesy: BOAB100 Wesfarmers Centenary Project, Seva Frangos Art, Perth and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, Western Australia

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts (WAA) was established in the late 1970s by senior artists of the east Kimberley region as a place of art and culture. Waringarri means big mob, many people coming together. Servicing the Miriwoong and the general East Kimberley diaspora, it was the first Indigenous-owned art centre established in the Kimberley and one of the oldest continuously operating art centres in Australia.

Initially supporting artists across the entire Kimberley, the centre originally represented Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Paddy Carlton and Hector Jandanay. Today the centre focuses on a more closely connected local group of artists who share Miriwoong cultural heritage.

The centre specialises in ochre paintings and operates as an artist studio and gallery. The creative practice of engraved boab nut carving, unique to the Kimberley, has been expanded by the artists in the development of stunning cast bronze and aluminium boab nut sculptures.

The Dawang Gallery cultural information space honours the legacy of past artists with selected works from the Waringarri collection.

WAA is working towards a 100 per cent Indigenous operated art centre. Currently 80 per cent of the staff consist of local Miriwoong community members and all new staff obtain relevant qualifications at Kimberley Group Training.

In 2015, WAA will be embarking on their cultural tourism program, commencing cultural tours operated by local Miriwoong staff.

Current artists

  • Alan Griffiths
  • Peggy Griffiths
  • Minnie Lumai
  • Phyllis Ningarmara
  • Billy Duncan
  • Kittey Malarvie
  • Judy Mengil
  • Agnes Armstrong
  • Louise Malarvie
  • Gloria Mengil
  • Ben Ward
  • Bryan Murielle
  • Dora Griffiths
  • Jerita Mengil
  • Cecile Mengil
  • Margaret Beebe
  • Maryanne Beebe

The estates of:
  • Paddy Carlton
  • Peter Newry
  • Mignonette Jamin
  • Daisy Bitting

Access Information

Located in Kununurra, the centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm during the wet season. Appointments are welcome. Airnorth fly to Kununurra from Darwin, Broome, Perth.

The centre is equipped with wheelchair ramp and chairlift facilities.

Online shop

WAA’s website includes a regularly updated feature exhibition and online gallery of available works for purchase. Join the newsletter to be the first to know about new stock and promotions.

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
16 Speargrass Road
PO Box 968
Kununurra WA 6743

08 9168 2212
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