Warlukurlangu Artists - Art Collector

Murdie Morris, 2015. Courtesy: the artist and Ernabella Arts, South Australia

Established in 1985, Warlukurlangu Artists is now proudly one of the largest and most successful Aboriginal businesses in Australia.

Each year almost 500 artists engage with the activities of the art centre, producing on average 6,000 brightly coloured acrylic paintings which tell the creation stories of the Warlpiri nation.

Although based in Yuendumu, the art centre also looks after artists in Nyirripi and Mt Allan communities.

The art centre is 100 percent Aboriginal owned and governed and is committed to creating a happy and safe place for community members to congregate and work. The artworks are then marketed and sold around Australia and internationally sharing Warlpiri culture all over the world.

Warlukurlangu Artists
Ral Ral Ave
Yuendumu NT 0872

08 8956 4133