Warren Armstrong (curator): (Un)Seen Sculptures - Art Collector

Courtesy: Warren Armstrong and Bundaberg Regional Gallery

Curated by Warren Armstrong, (Un)Seen Sculptures consists of virtual artworks that are seen using smartphones and tablets, introducing visitors to the world of augmented reality art.

Exhibition opens: 14 November 2015
Exhibition closes: 5 January 2016
Location: The Vault, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, 1 Barolin Street, Bundaberg 4670
Contact: 07 4130 4750
Website: www.bundabergregionalgalleries.com.au

About Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
Bundaberg Regional Galleries are two vibrant gallery spaces dedicated to providing premier arts and cultural experiences in the Bundaberg region. Bundaberg Regional Galleries fosters the community’s creative capacity by providing art and culture opportunities, and creating a community that participates, engages and grows in the lifelong learning of the arts.

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