Wayne Ashton: Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe (The Chilli Rooms) - Art Collector

Wayne Ashton, Pinski's Travelling Dive Troupe Before Lunch. Oil on canvas, 122 x 137cm. Courtesy: the artist

"Pinski is a loveable but rather scruffy dog with a penchant for honey soy chops and high adventure. Along with his travelling Dive Troupe he travels in his hot air balloon to unpresuming coastal hideaways in quiet and magical places. Wayne Ashton may well have created a new classic with this philosophical canine character" - Anna Kwiecinska, director of Gadfly Gallery.

6pm-8pm, 1 September 2012
Exhibition closes: 20 September 2012
Location: The Chilli Rooms, 11 Northumberland Avenue Stanmore NSW 2048
Contact: 02 9557 1553
Email: info@wayneashton.com

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