Wayne Brookes: All that Glitters is not God! - Art Collector

Wayne Brookes, The Loving Cup, 2015. Acrylic on board, 20 x 25cm. Courtesy: the artist and Despard Gallery, Hobart

"The fabulous 18th century Vedudista, Piranesi, was a visionary of staggeringly beautiful objects which remained conjectures of fantasy until very recently when they were granted 3-dimensionality for a show in 2013. I love this idea of a beautiful object that never existed. As my obsessive passion for ironically absurd but perversely magnificent objects continues to escalate, this show should be seen as my Wunderkammer. ‘All that Glitters is not God’ is a hardware-store catalogue of objects of ostentation representing either a rendering of the real or pure invention. Some exist in collections, others are fiction."

Wayne Brookes, 2016

Opening: 5.30-7.30pm Wednesday 11 May 2016
Exhibition closes: 5 June 2016
Location: Despard Gallery, Upstairs 15 Castray Esplanade, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Contact: 03 6223 8266
Email: hobart@despard-gallery.com.au

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