Wayne Youle takes up artists residency with Artspace Sydney - Art Collector

Wayne Youle, Sydenham mural. Photo: John Kirk-Anderson

2 April 2012 | New Zealand artist Wayne Youle was awarded the SCAPE Christchurch / Artspace Sydney artists residency. Youle, whose works address issues related to race, cultural identity and the proliferation of cultural symbols as commodities, will be completing a twelve-week residency at Artspace in Sydney.

There were 25 applications for the residency this year and Artspace Sydney executive director Blair French says it was a competitive draw with submissions from across the world.

Youle is represented by Tim Melville Gallery in Auckland and has exhibited within New Zealand and internationally. For his residency between August to September this year he will be using Martin Edmond’s 2011 book
Dark Night: Walking With McCahon as a source of inspiration.

Amy Yang

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