Will French: Au Wop Bop A Loo Bop A Wop Bam Boom! - Art Collector

F--ck in the road, 2017, routed treated pine, exterior paint and galvanised bolts, 170 x 200 x 13cm. Image courtesy of Hugo Michell Gallery and the Artist.

Sampling lyrics from Little Richard's 1955 breakthrough hit, ‘Tutti Frutti’, this work places them in the unlikely context of a national park timber sign. Commonly recognised as a signifier for directions, this beacon instead appears to offer gibberish. 'Tutti Frutti' translates to ‘all the fruits’ in Italian; 'Aw Rooty' is Louisianan cadence for ‘alright’ (but in truth just sounds like ‘wanna rooty’); and ‘A wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom’ is onomatopoeic nonsense that emulates a drum beat (but does it have far more suggestive undertones?). Undeniably sexy and irreverent, this song shaped the evolution of early Rock 'n' Roll. Capturing a wild and untamed departure from the mainstream, Rock 'n' roll became a soundtrack for counterculture and defiance, a search for self awareness and authenticity.

This work presents these three phrases as alternative paths to consider.

Exhibition opens: Thursday 2 March 2017 6-8pm
Exhibition closes: 1 April 2017
Location: Hugo Michell Gallery, 260 Portrush Road Beulah Park SA 5067
Website: www.hugomichellgallery.com
Phone: 08 8331 8000
Email: mail@hugomichellgallery.com
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