Winston Roeth: Paintings 2017 - Art Collector

Winston Roeth, Deep Red Memory, 2016, Kremer pigments and polyurethane dispersion on 15 poplar panels. 50 x 28 cm each panel. Courtesy the artist and Fox Jensen, Sydney.

Winston Roeth's paintings refuse the quick glance, the scanning gaze that is our customary distracted attention given to the stimuli-filled world around us. They are paintings that take time, only revealing their richness and complexity to the viewer who is willing to devote an extended period of looking. As viewers we can sense the meditation and rhythms of repetition. The finished paintings “invite the elimination of self consciousness”. Roeth describes them as “triggers for drift”. The turning inwards or reflective state that the work offers is not about unearthing “hidden ego” but rather a sublime emptiness – an elimination of the sense of self.

Exhibition opens: 6pm 15 March 2017
Exhibition closes:15 April 2017
Location (gallery and address): Fox Jensen, cnr Cecil Lane and Hampden Street, Paddington, NSW
Phone: 61 2 8084 4298
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