Yanni Pounartzis: The Deconstructions - Art Collector

Courtesy: the artist

The Deconstructions displays Yanni Pounartzis's fascination with spatial order and relationship of form. The compositions are instinctual and aim to create the illusion of elements hovering over the canvas, giving depth and volume on a two-dimensional surface.

Whilst highly controlled, this painstaking work is painted free hand without the aid of masking. The result of hours of attention to detail in areas the casual glance would never reveal. The resulting body of work communicates on a sensory level and immense depth.

Opening: 6pm Wednesday 21 November 2012
Exhibition closes: 4 December 2012
Location: Global Gallery, 5 Comber Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact: 02 9360 5728
Email: info@globalgallery.com.au

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