Zac Koukoravas: Visualised - Art Collector

Zac Koukoravas, Scintilla, acrylic paint on glass and perspex, 125 x 125cm. Courtesy: the artist and Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Zac Koukoravas' large scale works, painted on multiple layers of glass and perspex, are characterized by shadow and light, depth and space. Building on the series he exhibited as part of Exploration 13, these new works layer additional panels to create complexity, multiplicity and depth in each piece. To create the Visualised series, Zac imposed strict parameters on himself in the creative process, finding that within those limitations were seemingly infinite possibilities. These conflicting elements of chance and structure, movement and stillness are brought to bear. The resultant works are complex layers of interweaving peaks and plateaus that appear structured and composed, but are the outcome of this series of gambles with the dichotomy of order and chaos.

Exhibition opens: 1pm Saturday 5 April 2014
Exhibition closes: 19 April 2014
Location: Flinders Lane Gallery, 137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9654 3332

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