Zhang Da Wo: Miaomo - Avant garde calligraphic paintings - Art Collector

Zhang Da Wao, from the Mysterious Life Lines series, 57 x 68.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and East West Art, Melbourne

Zhang Da Wo's artistic nature is deeply rooted in ancient culture through etchings and engravings from 4000 BC China, but for now his life is pushing the frontier of contemporary art with ink and colour.

Living on the coast of Tasmania, he loves the solitude of the sand and sea, which he portrays in his works - an escape from busy Beijing where he primarily exhibits. His work has been collected by the British, Beijing and Shanghai Museums besides national and international public, corporate and private collections.

Opening: Thursday 21 March 2013
Exhibition closes: 30 April 2013
Location: East and West Art, 665 High Street, East Kew VIC 3102
Contact: 03 9859 6277
Email: info@eastwestart.com.au

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